Mind of a Catfish

‘Mind of a Catfish’, by Ambient Earth.

After finding the DNA sequence for the catfish, I traced the beginning of the first part of the sequence that started with ‘CAT’, which was:


I began the musical piece with each letter representing a different sound. However C represented the note C, A represented the note A, T represented the note C-12, however G was percussive. Three of the letters cause a repeating pattern of the first pattern of 16, but the other uses a rolling pattern of only the first 8.

As I frequently do with my music, I slowly build forward and progress the the song into something a bit different.

The Catfish and it’s DNA was always there long before man deliberately lit the first fire.

Peter Drysdale – www.AmbientEarth.com

PD135k – AmbientEarth.com – Catfish DNA.mp3 (6 MB)

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