Peter Drysdale

Ambient Earth is Scottish Electronic, Rock, Techno, New Age & Film Music Producer Peter Drysdale who is primarily active on and at Ambient Earth has evolved through various different forms since the dark and distant analogue synth years of 1976. Frequently exploring new musical landscapes in order to produce fresh material and compositions. The Ambient Earth sound is usually strong, swirling, charged, raw, emotional, tribal, rhythmic, energy, mostly for high volume playback. The Ambient Earth sound is generated using synths, lead guitar, Alesis Electronic Drums, Tascam Field Recorders, Cubase, Sonar & various other Acoustica DAW's, with lots of VST's and very occasionally, the odd acoustic instrument. Main Influences are nature, the wind, the ocean, the planet from space, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Steve Hillage, Brian Eno, Orbital, The Prodigy, The Boards of Canada, Maximum Bass, Dreadzone, Pharos, Skrillex, and many, many others.

Songs by Peter Drysdale

  • Mind of a Catfish