Where are the Roses?

I took just the first ‘paragraph’ of the bitter sense code and assigned a chord to each of the markers (as your friend did, I believe). I wanted to change them as little as possible, so I left A, C, and G the same, but I changed the T to F. I did change A to A minor, as that is truly one of the bitterest chords.

So with these patterns of Am, C, G, F I played through them (in 3/4 – the bitterest of time signatures) until I found ones that were, to my ear, musical. Then I strung a handful of them together. I think I only ended up using 4 of the “sentences” within the “paragraph” of code. I didn’t add any chords in or take any out. I truncated two of the “sentences” and repeated any of them as much as I wanted. The lyrics were more personal, but are, of course, open to interpretation.

Where Are the Roses

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