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New Genetic Music by Josh Levin: ‘Schizophrenia in a Box’


The Genetic Music Project has taken a turn for the classical with ‘Schizophrenia in a Box,’ a haunting new addition from scientist and musician, Josh Levin. The only thing cooler than this haunting, pithy piece is the ingenious twists and turns it takes in just one and half minutes. I hope Josh will consider submitting [...]

Schizophrenia in a Box

I used the first 40 nucleotides of the schizophrenia gene for my theme. For my theme, A =A, C=C, G=G, and I set T = Eb to get the desired mode (A,C,Eb, and G make up an A diminished 7th chord). The right hand of the piano plays 40 consecutive eighth notes (both the Watson [...]

Why Everyone Should Worship Amy Pickard

Cut from the Hopless Cover

Well I admit it, I am a diehard fan boy for country music extraordinaire Amy Pickard and that is why I was so excited that she contributed a piece to the Genetic Music Project. It only made sense to send a country singer the genetic code for Bitter Taste Perception, and check out the gorgeous [...]

Hilarious New Video from Liesel Euler (a.k.a. Brie Feingold-Africa)

Liesel & G in LA April 2010

I am very proud to call Liesel Euler one of my best friends and equally psyched she just unveiled a hysterical new video for her song “Blue Eyed Neighbors.” For those of you unfamiliar with Liesel’s work she often performs as her overprivileged, self absorbed, alt folk persona Brie Feingold-Africa.