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Big Time! makes GeneWatch Magazine


Check out the interview with me about over at GeneWatch Magazine (you know you read it!). Also featuring a photo of GMP contributor Flemming Laugaard at work!

New Genetic Music Out of West Virginia: ‘Errors of Avoidance’


From Denmark to West Virgina, word about the Genetic Music Project is getting out and the project keeps mutating and evolving. Check out the latest piece, Errors of Avoidance, from Infinity Ranch, who took a very original approach to letting the genetic sequence lead him down the musical path. Trippy, retro, quirky, awesome, and based [...]

Errors of Avoidance

For this track, I took 4 10-letter sequences from the Avoidance of Error marker. Instead of keying each letter to a musical note, I keyed each to a particular sound programmed into a drum machine. Then I used the sequences to create four rhythmic patterns. The various synth and keyboard lines on top of those [...]