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Genetic Music Is Only As Limited As the Potential of Life Itself

Infinite Genetics

I was talking to a good friend of mine from Philadelphia a week or so ago about the Genetic Music Project and he remarked that “some of the best creativity comes from constraints.” While this is true, my one objection to this comment was simply that sometimes I think people look at the Genetic Music [...]

New Music From the Genetic Marker for Tourette’s


Our noble Dane Flemming Laugaard has done it again. Check out his new submission “Ticks” based on the genetic marker for Tourette’s syndrome.

Ticks (Tourette’s)

I was looking at the different DNA strings and Tourette was the one with the loudest voice. Before I started writing, I tried to visualize a person with some of the symptoms of Tourette’s. One of the characteristics regarding Tourette is the ticks. I wanted to create a feeling in the music, that illustrated that. [...] Success! New Music from Denmark!


When I launched this website less than a week ago I wrote “I will consider the project a massive success if I ever receive awesome music inspired by the website from a person I’ve never heard of.” Six days later…

The Long Haul

Found your page, and loved the idea. Got the sequence (Longevity) and decided on D# for the T replacement. On a whim I decided to limit this piece to piano, choir and cello. Did a rough conversion to MIDI (Using ABC Convert-A-Matic). Imported the MIDI file in Reason and messed around for a couple of [...]