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The Genetic Music Project is Officially Launched!

DNA Image

It has always amazed me that all life, from Einstein to the humble avocado, arose from a simple four note code: DNA. Today, I am excited to announce this new open-source community art project I have been working on to turn our genetic codes into music.

Alcoholic Seizures

After being dropped by their third label in 1991, Caddyshackattack became enamored with the bourgeoning “rave” scenes on the West Coast around the West Country. Despite standing out somewhat in their denim and leather and preferring to hang out at the bar rather than the dancefloor, this interest led to a new, more electronic direction. [...]


Here, I was trying to capture the melancholy of a man feeling his virility slip away on the long slide down to death. A plucked string seemed the perfect instrument to represent nature’s plucking away at his potency, hair by hair, and what better than a slap bass to represent a slaphead? Because the gene [...]

Welcome Artists!


Hello friends!  Thanks for contributing your awesome work!  Please check out the website and let me know what you think.

Where are the Roses?

I took just the first ‘paragraph’ of the bitter sense code and assigned a chord to each of the markers (as your friend did, I believe). I wanted to change them as little as possible, so I left A, C, and G the same, but I changed the T to F. I did change A [...]