Restless Genetic Mix V1

We began by creating three separate 16 note drum track measures made up of a 16 nucleotides each. “A” was assigned as the snare drum, “C” was assigned the cymbal parts, “G” was assigned to tom, drum and “T” was assigned to the kick drum. After establishing the drum track we added bass, guitar, and vocals using the same formula as the drum track. However, it is important to note that each instrument is composed of a separate three measure nucleotide sequence. The drums are made up of the first 48 nucleotides, the voice track uses the next 48 nucleotides, the bass uses the next 48 nucleotides following the vocal sequence, and the guitar track uses the 48 nucleotides following the bass sequence. After that we sweetened the sound with minimal sound effects as we mixed down the composition.

Restless_Genetic_Mix-V1.mp3 (4 MB)

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