Errors of Avoidance

For this track, I took 4 10-letter sequences from the Avoidance of Error marker. Instead of keying each letter to a musical note, I keyed each to a particular sound programmed into a drum machine. Then I used the sequences to create four rhythmic patterns. The various synth and keyboard lines on top of those rhythms were derived from a few other sequences (sometimes chopped up a bit). A couple of the bass parts came about because they sounded good with underneath a particular sequence.

I took a different tack on the song title. Generally avoiding errors is a good thing, but taken to extremes it can lead to a stifled life lived without taking any risks. Hence, “Errors of Avoidance.” Besides, I think the music suits that darker spin a little bit better.

Errors of Avoidance.mp3 (7 MB)

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