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Learn how to create your own Longevity music.

Music in the Key of Longevity


I am very pleased to announce the release of Jessica’s Mullen’s second work for the Genetic Music Project, Soundscape #2: Longevity. It’s a really beautiful piece, and the perfect compliment to Jessica’s first piece, Soundscape #1: Bitter. Take a moment to sit down with it and listen to song of the nucleotides.

Soundscape No. 2: Longevity

The process for creating these two soundscapes (No. 1 & No. 2) is almost identical, and I describe my process in the first sounds-cape, based on the FASTA sequence for Bitter here. It’s interesting that the final products are very distinct. Longevity.mp3 (2 MB)

the Mystery of Life

In composing this instrumental number I used the first 280 nucleotides of the Longevity gene(The key is A major). The notes of the main melody follow the following conversion methods(basically ten notes per bar). 1:Adenine is assigned to A,B,C#,D or F#. (These notes are the chord tones of the subdominant chords(D,DM7 or D6)) 2:Thymine is [...]

The Long Haul

Found your page, and loved the idea. Got the sequence (Longevity) and decided on D# for the T replacement. On a whim I decided to limit this piece to piano, choir and cello. Did a rough conversion to MIDI (Using ABC Convert-A-Matic). Imported the MIDI file in Reason and messed around for a couple of [...]