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The genetic marker indicating a susceptibility to alcohol dependence.

Learn how to create your own Alcohol Dependence music.

In the Club, 2nd Shot

My piece is called “In the club: 2nd Shot” and it is based on the code related to Alcohol Dependence. I used a dance beat to make this song because I have a love-hate relationship with clubs. The experience of going out to a club with friends demands the imbibing spirits in copious quantities in [...]

Alcoholic Seizures

After being dropped by their third label in 1991, Caddyshackattack became enamored with the bourgeoning “rave” scenes on the West Coast around the West Country. Despite standing out somewhat in their denim and leather and preferring to hang out at the bar rather than the dancefloor, this interest led to a new, more electronic direction. [...]