Liesel Euler

Liesel Euler has been performing original comic songs as her alter ego Brie Feingold-Africa since 2002. Her album The Singer-Songwriter Song is available on iTunes and at, and her music videos are on YouTube. She has created and performed original work with Comedy Central's Sit 'n' Spin, Tectonic Theater Project, Meredith Monk, Pig Iron, and Griftheater, among many others. She has taught voice, acting, writing, and the Viewpoints to a diverse range of students since 2000 and is currently teaching at Rio Hondo College and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. She has an MFA from Naropa and a BA from UPenn.

Songs by Liesel Euler

  • Schizophrenia Part Two
  • Schizophrenia Part One