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Music in the Key of Longevity


I am very pleased to announce the release of Jessica’s Mullen’s second work for the Genetic Music Project, Soundscape #2: Longevity. It’s a really beautiful piece, and the perfect compliment to Jessica’s first piece, Soundscape #1: Bitter. Take a moment to sit down with it and listen to song of the nucleotides.

Science In Heaven: Gillian Grassie’s Genetic Music on Harp


After a long break, I am thrilled to share the newest genetically-inspired music from harp super-star Gillian Grassie. She based her heavenly piece on the genetic sequence allegedly related to people’s ability to learn from their mistakes (I know, the research is speculative but the music is beautiful). And, on another note, let me know [...]

Four Musical Mutations of ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’!


In a first for the Genetic Music Project, The Digital Poets have submitted FOUR different musical interpretations of a genetic sequence related to ‘restless legs syndrome.” The four pieces by the Atlanta, Georgia artists are a perfect tribute to the site’s larger theme of art through variation, mutation and evolution. Check them out! Restless Genetic [...]

New Music from Scotland Based on Catfish DNA!


Check out the innovative new piece of musical wonderment from artist Peter Drysdale (also known as Ambient Earth) based on CATFISH DNA. Peter comes to us from Thurso on the far North Coast of Scotland. And in a first Peter even made his own ambiently awesome video of his piece “Mind of a Catfish.”

Haunting New Genetic Music From New Mexico!

Infinite Genetics

I am totally psyched to announce the latest addition to the Genetic Music Project, Soundscape Number 1: Bitter, by artist and educator Jessica Mullen. It is a haunting and stirring piece inspired by the genetic sequence related to our ability to taste bitter flavors. Amazing work, Jessica! Any interest in a Soundscape Number 2?