Hilarious New Video from Liesel Euler (a.k.a. Brie Feingold-Africa)

I am very proud to call Liesel Euler one of my best friends and equally psyched she just unveiled a hysterical new video for her song “Blue Eyed Neighbors.” For those of you unfamiliar with Liesel’s work she often performs as her overprivileged, self absorbed, alt folk persona Brie Feingold-Africa. And while you’re at it buy her brilliant and laugh-out-loud funny album The Singer-Songwriter Song. You can also “like” her Facebook.

Liesel was nice enough to contribute two separate pieces based on the FASTA sequence for the genetic marker purportedly related to schizophrenia. Both Schizophrenia One and Schizophrenia Two are gorgeous melodic journeys through the four note code that might help decide if you’re mentally ill. It’s a striking juxtaposition for such lovely songs.

And be sure to check out her video and send it far and wide!

Blue-Eyed Neighbors

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